Our Brands


What first started as a playful flirt between lounge and a bar, inspired by a shared love and passion for Tea, has now grown into a new phenomenon within the last five years: T’s TeaBar. With excellent service from some of Abu Dhabi’s best Teabrewista’s, supreme bites from breakfast, lunch and our High Tea menu and a mocktail menu

that makes you feel like you’re in a speakeasy home away from home ,

T’s TeaBar translates the sophisticated tea culture of global countries such as Japan, China and United Kindom into the intimate, cosy setting of an Amsterdam neighbourhood Teabar.

Our Restaurants

From a gourmet momo at MOMO’S to chic refined Chinese Fusion cuisine at Feilong and Belle Époque inspired dining at Baan Thai and South Asian tandoor food at the Tamarind Club. The Botanic Atrium is not just providing restaurants, The Botanic Atrium creates experiences that unite individuals. ‘Whenever I’m creating,

"I’m always really precise to ensure every place completely has its own identity: nothing is repeated",

explains Amsterdam based co-founder Shabaz Rasool, who founded The Botanic Atrium Concept

along with renowned partners in London and in Abu Dhabi.

Whatever the concept: all restaurants have different characters as well as different dishes: that is the beauty of the ‘The Botanic Atrium Food Hall Vision’.

The Botanic Atrium always ensures the food concepts are adapted to their local culture yet simultaneously offer something new. We have carefully evaluated the energy of Abu Dhabi, the available sites, and what’s missing in this desert metropolis before deciding on the direction of The Botanic Atrium.