The Botanic Atrium Foodhall

The Botanic Atrium is a first of its kind foodhall in the UAE, emphasizing high-end restaurant experience with the choice of a diverse foodhall.

Cross order between brands

"Our philosophy is that there is no need to choose between having a freedom of choice in menu and serving quality food. We believe we can offer both without having to compromise on quality or choice"



The Botanic Atrium has been inspired by the broad diversity that nature has to offer. From its mind-blowing colors to its magical sounds and from its enchanting smells to its comforting textures; it is this unique diversity that has laid the roots for our one-of-a-kind hospitality experience. A green oasis in the midst of the WTC souq where everyone is welcome to dine, lounge or simply chill. The Botanic Atrium offers you an alluring and tantalizing selection of high-quality restaurants, exceeding patrons’ expectations by offering a surprising spectrum of worldly  flavors.

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, The Botanic Atrium will bring Amsterdam and London design and architecture to the UAE.

We offer our guests the freedom to choose from different restaurant menus. This diversity in choice together with a cutting edge ordering system will make The Botanic Atrium a first in its kind foodhall.

Open from early breakfast to after dinner drinks in an immersive environment of botanical inspired greenery. With a range of exciting seating spaces we have created different moods and atmospheres. There is much to discover including the vibrant TeaBar & Lounge, a fresh Sushi Counter, a buzzy dining room and a breath-taking atrium terrace. The Botanic Atrium caters to every mood and vibe.

Combining a blend of International and Asian cuisines our menus are not only inspired by the asian countries but also the unique local communities in the Emirates. From Japanse sushi and the freshest raw seafood to carefully sourced south Asian grilled meats and  sh; our chefs use both traditional and cutting-edge techniques along with seasonal and vibrant ingredients to provide a high-end restaurant experience with the choice of a diverse foodhall.